Canada Pakistan Chamber of Commerce successfully presented Pakistan’s mineral potential at PDAC. This year the CPCoC was able to secure a permanent booth for Pakistan. The booth was displayed with Pakistan’s geological maps and literature from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

Over 200 delegates met with the representatives at the Pakistan booth and many showed interest in visiting Pakistan. Some delegates were very enthusiastic about Pakistan after seeing the geological maps of Pakistan and requested for more data.

Mehreen Javaid , President of CPCoC says “It is very important to have visibility for Pakistan through a booth at the PDAC. Now the international mining community knows that Pakistan is serious about developing its mineral sector. We gathered an over whelming response from the international community. Despite challenges, there was interest from junior mining companies in exploring mineral resources. “

The Canada-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce will be taking a follow up mining delegation to Pakistan later in the year.

Canadian Government and World Bank representatives attended the booth and appreciated the chambers efforts in presenting Pakistan’s mineral potential for the last three years.
PDAC, the leading annual event for the mining sector was established in 1932. Over 1000 exhibitors and 400 presentations and seminars are organized each year in Toronto.