The Canada-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce (CPCoC) was established to promote commercial ties between Canada and Pakistan. CPCoC is a forum to identify trade opportunities and enable investment flows between Canada and Pakistan. CPCoC also serves as a networking platform that brings together stakeholders and business leaders in the private and public sectors in both countries.

Key Priorities

The organization is focused on fostering a holistic approach. It not only focus on boosting economic ties between Canada and Pakistan, but will also work on creating an enabling environment through close co-ordination with the governments of both Canada and Pakistan, as well as the private sector in both countries.

Key Forum for Can-Pak Business Relations

To establish CPCoC as the key forum for business communities in Canada and Pakistan to identify investment and trade opportunities in both countries.

Adopt Policies

To work closely with the governments of Canada and Pakistan to adopt policies which facilitate the flow of investment and goods between Canada and Pakistan


To provide an effective communication channel that identifies constraints to the entry of goods and services


To work closely with the public and private sectors to eliminate trade and investment barriers, thus strengthening the economies of Canada and Pakistan.