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ICT in Pakistan

Despite several challenges, the ICT sector in Pakistan performed well and tele-density recorded an increase in all most all sub-sectors (mobile, WLL, FLL).
All the cellular service providers competed with each other for market share by offering better and improved value-added service. The cellular service providers have invested in infrastructure expansion to cater to the needs of ever expanding cellular penetration and getting ready for the 4G licenses..

Wireless technologies took over a major share of broadband market and Pakistan Telecommunication Company is holding the major share of the market, with Wateen trailing behind. Other companies are struggling to establish themselves in the market.

To attract foreign investment in the telecom sector, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority arranged several seminars in collaboration with the telecom industry highlighting the opportunities in this sector and incentives offered by the Government of Pakistan to foreign investors.

In the Information Technology sector, Pakistan is doing well and many Pakistani companies have developed products for smartphone like Blackberry, iPhones etc. Other Pakistan and international companies (including one from Canada) have opened IT houses to provide IT services world-wide; e.g. SNL have 400 staff, almost all Pakistani and speak multiple languages, providing financial data services to financial houses.



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